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To those who are looking for their HOME from a lost time and space,

this website is a gathering point for us to share our stories, our memories, our knowledges, our arts, our services.

Feel free to stroll around THE KNOWING about the Universe, the Soul and the Body, I gathered from my many lifetimes in this Universe and beyond. If like me, you like to understand the structures and patterns, this information might help you apprehend your path from a higher perspective, figure out how to dwell within the corrupted Earth Matrix and reclaim your sovereignty through the most Sacred Law and your most precious gift: your Free Will. The right choice can only be made in awareness.

Connect and create with us THE LIGHTNET to anchor the divine energy of our Trinity

so we can birth without pain the new Earth, Terra Nova.

Communicate, debate and collaborate with your peers in THE FORUM as we grow and manifest together.

Let's build our new home here.

The Knowing

Spreading insights

from Above

The Lightnet

Connecting souls

on Earth

The Forum

Sharing messages

between Sisters

© 2018-2020 by TT Tran

Please note that information contained in this website is freely accessible as I believe my gifts should be shared and not marketed; however this does not mean that my work is worthless. Therefore this material should not be modified nor used in commercial purposes without my consent and proper reference.

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