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Message from Gaia (EN)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Message channeled by Belinda:

"The Earth has been trampled on, I will soon have no space to breathe. Respect what you have been given before it is taken away from you for me to protect he last grain of me, my core. You shall not rob me away from my very essence. I let your live on me, i nourished you, provided for you, and protected you. But you fools, you had no idea what you have been given, what you have been blessed with. But I am your mother. I gave you life. You drank from my milk that flower through my rivers. You ate from my body, but you still want to take from my bones, my blood. You are killing me, piece by piece, yet you don’t care. Has my blood turned you so heartless? So filled with greed? My dear children, I cannot let this go on much further. Change your selfish ways before I have to cleanse myself of those that harm me. Wake up now and live respectfully, live well!

I let the council put their experiment on me because I can create life, life that can breathe freely on me, where their hearts can beat loudly and their bodies can grow strong. But humans, they succumbed to their greed, their disrespect, and their ignorance. The other projects are going well, but the council wants to cease the project on Earth, to freeze it. Life would pause, I would be in deep freeze, to cleanse myself of all the pains, all the traumas, and all the karma. Whether there will be life on me again, I am sure, but would they be humans as you know it, most likely not, at least no the current version. Either wake up now and ascent or be evolved in a different time, a different life.

Take it from me that time is running out, but there is still time. Change whatever you can, thy key is the awareness, the acknowledgement, and the actions to make changes. Start loving, start healing, and stop destroying. Lift the pains and be together as one. Only together can you truly join forces in making impactful changes. Heal me, before I must take actions to heal myself. Live now with respect to all you have be given, and cherish what you have. Look around you, at al the things that are harming me unnecessarily. Make note of them and let them guide you to making wiser decisions. Start now, before it’s too late!

Cry, I am crying for my dear children. I am in tears, mourning for you though you have abused me. You are ripping my body apart bit by bit, poisoning me with your greed. Had what I have been providing you not enough? Must you harvest beyond your means? Must you reap beyond your needs? Must you do so by polluting me with your Frankensteins? Cease your thoughtless, heartless actions now before I cease to produce. Your mother is in pain, can you not hear her cry? Yet slashes fret slashes, you cut into my flesh, poisoning the very milk you nourish from. When will you learn that you reap what you sow? Your poison will go deep into you as it does to me. But I can stop it all and cleanse it all, yet you can’t. My dear children, when will you learn to respect everything and everyone, and to see that everything has consequences? What goes around comes around. Your poisons will come back to you and by then it will be too late.

I am tired, I can’t give much more. I do love you, my children, but I either exhaust myself by continually giving till I am drained and let life cease then, or I stop giving before it’s too late. I can’t give for much longer even if I want to, not with the way that you have been hurting me. Take care of me so I can take care of you."

Artwork from F. Kupka 'The Beginning of Life'

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