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Covid-19 is a wake-up call (EN)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Message from Mei on her blog

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"Much has already been said about the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this is also an opportune time to reflect on it through an ecological and spiritual perspective.

This post does not aim to join the blame game. The question on whose fault is it is less important although I do agree that a deeper sense of accountability is critical if we are to learn the lessons as part of the human race. I will allow legal experts on international law—especially the law on state responsibility—to dwell on this. For those who seek answers in the legal perspective, an article by Romel R. Bagares could be a worthy read.

Environmental breach?

As many of us already know, many pandemics could be rooted to environmental breaches. In the case of the different strains of coronavirus (at least those that we already know), scientists have enough data to point to animals (e.g., bats) as potential hosts/reservoirs. 

Assuming that these current data are correct, one of the more important lessons that could be remembered is the need for stricter enforcement of laws in wildlife trade. We need to leave wildlife alone; allow them to live freely in the wilds, not in wet markets and cages. 

In the end, as we deal with more than 693,224 cases worldwide (WHO, 30 Mar 2020), it matters less about who did what but more on what are we learning from these pandemics all these years.

We may have to dissect the issue in so many levels—which we cannot possibly do in this brief post—but one core lesson is the need to always maintain balance, including ecological balance. In fact, this seemingly simple word—balance—is the ‘holy grail’ in about any situation in life. Remove it and there will be chaos. Remove too many trees and there will be floods. 

But why is it that this seemingly simple state is hard to attain?

When the spirit awakens

Are we missing something? Or is Covid-19 finally waking us up? For many of us, the answers are quite clear. The pandemic, while devastating and crippling global health systems and economies, offers an opportunity for deep and soulful integration and awakening. 

It is not just because we have been forced to stay at home and is given enough time to care for our inner selves, our loved ones, and our over-all wellness. Those are indeed important but more than having these quiet moments, we are given a chance to truly participate in how our societies are being governed.

We are getting our voice back. And by having our voice back, we are facilitating our personal and spiritual evolution.

Our relationship with Gaia is our relationship with our bodies and, in the same way, our relationship with God-source-spirit-divinity (or whatever name that you feel comfortable to use).

There is no disconnect

We often think or act like our faith or belief in God-source is something that we do every morning or evening when we pray or every Sunday (or Friday or Saturday to some of us) when we go to Church. I must admit, I was like that, too. Especially that I grew up in a Catholic household and was schooled in a Catholic school for 10 years of my life.

My “God time” back then was during Religion classes (shoutout to my teachers, who are, to be fair, very progressive), morning and evening prayers, daily rosary recitation (every October), and Sunday masses. God was my “father” up there. He felt good and comforting but there was a distance. There was a separation.

It is only when I was older that I began to truly understand what is the meaning of God-source-divinity in my life. But it took a lot of pains. A lot of “dark nights of the soul” as many in the spiritual community will describe it.

Where is God (light) in the time of Covid-19?

Maybe this is our collective’s “dark night of the soul”. We are pushed in this darkness because this is the only way we can find the light. And that light is not an abstract force “up there”. 

We could be the light! All of us!

What is Covid-19 telling us? What is Gaia telling us? Balance. We have lost our balance. We have taken too much. We have exploited too much. We have crossed boundaries. We have disrespected other creatures in this wonderful paradise. You and me, we have forgotten who we are. We are both human and divine. 

But we have lost our voices

Wake up. We are being asked to wake up. We have allowed ourselves to become greedy. We have allowed big corporations, governments, media, and even religions to control our sovereignty. We have trained lawyers to become the law-breakers. We have encouraged doctors to become peddlers of potentially toxic synthetic medicines (think huge pharmaceutical businesses). We have forgotten our bodies’ strong immunity system. We became so scared.

I am not espousing an “us against them” mentality, no. If we do that, we are not going to be different from them. If we try to “fight” them in this game, we will also eventually become the evils that we want to change.

At the minimum, we still need leadership so that there will be peace and order. But we cannot attain the kind of government that we deserve if we all have lost our voices. We need to empower ourselves. We need to question the status quo and become disruptors and innovators. Together, we can birth a new Earth (Gaia). 

Wake-up call

Covid-19 is exposing the many societal ills that we already know. It’s nothing new anymore. Aside from lack of preparedness, poverty is among the reasons why many societies are now being debilitated by the virus. How can we expect people to self-quarantine if families live in one-room dwelling? How can we expect people to stay at home if they do not get income on those days that they stop working?

Look at our current data: a big percentage of known cases (those confined) are in private hospitals. I don’t know exactly why but my guess is that the rich (or economically emancipated) are those who can afford to have themselves checked right away. That is why the official numbers may not really be giving us the true picture. There could be a lot of cases (more than what we officially know) in depressed communities. (For our country’s sake, I pray to God I am wrong.)

The great divide

On the other side of the fence, we have millionaires and billionaires among us who have money stashed away in banks—in amounts that they could not even possibly spend in their lifetimes? I am not against money per se. I believe that abundance is for everyone. But again, ultimately, we go back to the bottomline: balance.

We have created a society where the disparity in income between the rich and the poor has gone so excessively that pandemics always drive us mad.

Imagine this—if we have created societies where each person is economically and physically secure and where health systems are effective, pandemics will not hurt us like how Covid-19 and other pandemics are hurting us. For sure, there will be casualties but not in the numbers that we are now seeing.

Spirit-led social revolution

And so, we are standing at this perfect threshold. We’d better wake up or the next pandemics will be worse. We do not want to cause panic. But we want our spirits to wake up. Let us all step into our power.

We are called to evolve now. Here in the 3D. Gaia is waiting. I would rather “go home” to 5D (it is much easier, baby) but, what the heck, we are still here and we’d better shape up.

Are you ready to take part in a spirit-led social revolution? I am in!

The first step is to know yourself. Do more of the self-love thing. Get high! (Not in drugs, ok?) Get high in the Spirit! Get high in love! Always remember the word, balance. Even the experience of love needs an equilibrium.

Remove love and there is going to be hatred. On one hand, we also cannot give too much love. Because too much love could lead to an absence of self-love, ultimately leading to self destruction. 

Let’s love humanity deeply, without giving up the self. Let’s rise together.

And while we’re in this highness vibe (now, I love this term), let us learn more, ask questions, do more research, and find our tribe. A good place to ‘deep dive’ into the process of awakening is in Sisters of Revolution. I love how the author (hello sis Thi!) has put together insightful reflections that explain the concepts of the universe, archetypes, and chakras, using both scientific and spiritual lenses. (If it might help, below is a listing of books that either helped me understand the spiritual realm more or had been recommended by friends.)

I am confident that we will overcome Covid-19. We cannot undermine the pains and sufferings but we should use this perfect opportunity to step up, heal ourselves and our communities, and ascend to our highest possibilities.

Gaia is waiting. As above, so below."

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