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The Concept of Frequency (EN)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Q&A session with Irina: I am so thrilled and uplifted to share this first session of Q&A with Irina, that we initiated right after our serendipitous virtual meeting last week. In the Netflix 'Touch' series, Jake said : "When two points were destined to touch but direct connection is impossible, the universe will always find another way." This applies so well to our encounter, the universe wanted us to meet and bring our knowing in common and share it to the world. I think Irina will agree saying that we are well aware this information is very exclusive and will only reach and talk to a few of you. My friend Caroline once had a vision, she saw me holding a pen writing light words, but these words were too bright it would blind and hurt most people. Yet this is our duty to write them down in the hope that those, whom these words are destined to, will find them, now or in a hundred years. We do not pretend this is The Truth, but it just makes so much sense in this foolish world.

Artwork from F. Kupka 'L'eau'

TTT: Dear Irina, I'm so excited to start this Q&A session with you, this is really how I envisioned the purpose of the Lightnet of the Sisters of Revolution: connecting with each other, sharing our insight and emulating our channel of knowing, in a selfless manner, for the betterness of this beautiful planet!

Your book was very explicit and I wanted to congratulate you for bringing such abstract knowledge in a rational fashion. It answered most of my questions. I am amazed that despite the convergence, there is no redundancy between our writings. I believe there are still more points that we should bring up together, so here are my questions, not to challenge you, but to help us figure this out:

Q1: In your e-book, you explained very efficiently the concept of frequency and I totally agree with your version. This is why I am often triggered when I hear or read people saying "increase your frequency or vibration." First, how do you actually quantify your vibration, how do you know if it's too low of high enough? Second, when I look at what vibrates in my body, I hear my heartbeats. Yet when the frequency of my heartbeat gets too high, it's generally not a good sign... Same with the brain waves, the theta waves corresponding to the meditating states are actually at lower frequency. In your e-book, you said indeed that the lower the frequency, the closer to oneness while the higher the closer to duality. Could you please give us your input regarding individual frequency?

IAS: Dear Thi Thai, thank you so much again for these excellent questions, I very much enjoyed reading them, and will enjoy answering them even more I think. Ok, I will start now with the first question, and in the next days will hopefully continue with the rest.

Q1: For me, frequency isn’t something good or bad.

I am often confused when people say that one kind is good and the other is bad as I never perceived that to be the case.

For me, both slower and faster frequencies are just two different sides of the spectrum (just as hot and cold are two sides of the water temperature spectrum for example), without either one being right or wrong, good or bad – it’s more a matter of context of how and when they are used, and what they represent/achieve.

The way I look at the universe is that it’s basically one giant flow of consciousness – an enormous conscious field that is ever expanding (and then returning back within itself). A river of consciousness that is flowing out, and then back in, and there are two forces at all times that determine how this flow takes place. One force accelerates consciousness (this is the masculine energy), which is what increases the frequency of vibration (increases the intensity of energy) – this is like the acceleration pedal of the universe, and the other slows down consciousness (the feminine energy), it grounds it, settles it in place, allows it to slow down – this is like the brake pedal. You could also think as one force as electricity, and the other force as magnetism. And between these two forces there is an entire spectrum of consciousness (the electromagnetic spectrum) that exists – when it is more masculine in nature, most full of energy, the conscious flow is very fast (for example stars, they are more masculine representations, and vibrate at very high frequencies), whereas when it is more feminine in nature, the energy flows a bit slower, the flow of consciousness is inherently slower, and energy/consciousness can even slow down enough to take unto shapes and forms (for example planets are vibrating at slower frequencies, and are considered more feminine in nature). Forms/matter are more feminine in nature as creations, and light for example is more masculine. Of course, all creation has both masculine and feminine within them, there is no such thing as just masculine, or just feminine in this universe, both are always present, just in different proportions – and the proportion determines the speed of flow of consciousness for that creation, it determines its frequency, and its density (more masculine means less dense and higher frequency, and more feminine means more dense and lower frequency).

So inherently, there is nothing that makes a higher frequency creation/form superior to a lower frequency creation/form. Similarly, higher density doesn’t make a creation inferior to lower density.

In this particular universe (which works based on genders), creation begins from the womb of the feminine – in a sense you could say the original god/creator is a woman here – the feminine holds the original seed of life itself, it represents the origin/start point – the point of stillness, from which all creation expands outward. This feminine origin point is the point of most density, most heavy, of most depth – this is also what we perceive as the absence of light (darkness), because energy here would be perceived as completely still, not moving at all. The womb is the zero point, where all is at a stand still. This is the absolute full on brake pedal, which attracts and pulls consciousness back toward itself, and slows it down.

And the masculine is the secondary creative input, that creates the energy that expands the seed of life from within the womb and accelerates it, causing it to grow, to evolve. It’s what allows darkness to turn into light. It’s what breaks the zero point, and sets it in motion. The masculine is quite literally what drives consciousness to move. It’s what drives light to move.

And the cooperation between these two forces, and the balance they strike between one another is what creates the spectrum of consciousness within their creation. When the feminine is more involved, the forms created are more material, more heavy, more slow, more dense, whereas when the masculine is more involved, the forms created are less material, more ethereal, more light, less dense.

So the source point of creation, the origin point of consciousness is most dense and most low in frequency, with consciousness at a standstill, whereas the furthest point of expansion, the most expanded point of consciousness is least dense, and most high in frequency, where consciousness moves at insane speeds.

When a creation/form of consciousness is furthest away from itself, from its own origin point – at the furthest point of expansion (which isn’t good or bad) - it just means it’s most expanded outside of itself, with a perspective furthest away (meaning most different) from itself, its mind and awareness and intelligence is most expanded externally, most aware of all other beings and creations out there besides itself.

Oppositely, a creation closest to itself (least expanded) is very internalized, more focused on self, most aware of itself, with a perspective very similar to the self/source. It mostly only sees itself, and not so much other beings or creations besides itself.

Feminine (internalized) creations and masculine (externalized creations) are navigation tools in a sense, that allows us to decide how far we are looking and journeying outside of ourselves (to explore what is out there), or how far we are looking and journeying within ourselves (to explore ourselves). They are tools that allow us to point our focus either within, or outside of ourselves.

When a form of life is furthest away from itself, it will vibrate fastest, whereas when it is very close to itself, it slows down a lot (the model of the atom is a good representation of this, with the furthest orbit of electrons away from the nucleus being the fastest, most high energy, and the orbit closest to the nucleus being slowest, and most low in energy).

When we journey throughout creation, sometimes we choose to externalize more, and other times we internalize more, or vice versa, it’s a matter of whether we put our focus and awareness more on the outer world or the inner world. This constantly fluctuates. One lifetime we might choose to incarnate within a more feminine expression, another lifetime we might choose a more masculine expression, often we choose expressions that are balanced, allowing us to look into both directions at once. It all depends on us, and our own choices for our own journeys – with both perspectives being equally precious (they achieve different things, but they are of equal value).

We are now as human beings within a creation that is more feminine in nature – the Earth is in a sense a woman from a universal perspective you could say. And us, as part of her, are also more feminine in nature – human beings are quite feminine forms. We are more on the dense side, lower in frequency. The human body is a slower flow of consciousness. A stone for example is an even slower flow of consciousness. That doesn’t make stones inferior, and humans superior, because we vibrate a bit faster than stones – it’s simply a different speed of flow of consciousness. But a stone could have more enlightened consciousness than a human, in spite of being fare more dense, and lower in frequency than us. And similarly, you could have beings of pure light that are more evil in nature than human beings. It all varies.

The nature of one’s consciousness isn’t determines by how fast or slow it flows.

One’s consciousness can flow/vibrate very fast, and it can be both good or evil in intention, and vice versa, one’s consciousness can flow/vibrate very slow, and it can also be both good or evil in intention. Our own nature as beings determines the nature of our consciousness, not the speed at which our consciousness flows.

Of course, a high speed of consciousness flows tremendously more amounts of information and experience through us, than a lower speed does, it takes much longer for a stone to flow information/experience through itself than it does a human, and similarly, it takes much longer for a human being to flow information/experience through itself than it does a light being. But flowing large amounts of information and experience through oneself doesn’t necessarily equate to that person being superior in morality, or values, or intent, or mission or purpose. Yes, they might be superior in intellect perhaps, in levels of awareness, or intelligence, or amount of knowledge it has, but that doesn’t mean anything. Some of the beings I trust less here at this level for example are very intelligent and highly aware light beings – the fact that they are light beings doesn’t make them good or trustworthy though.

But back to us, human beings.

We are from a physical perspective quite feminine forms. We vibrate relatively slow, and are quite dense, and our conscious focus is very much internalized – we very much see ourselves first, and only then do we see what is outside of ourselves (often not very accurately, and usually only through the internal experience first).

From a soul perspective things get a bit more complex.

I will try to explain.

The physical body is its own conscious field - a conscious field that in our case is more feminine in nature, more slow in vibration, lower in frequency, higher in density.

The soul is also its own conscious field. Souls come with their own conscious field, and this will be unique for each soul. Some souls have a more masculine dynamic, and others have a more feminine one, others maintain a middle ground. This varies according to each being, and the intention behind their own journey. Neither one is good or bad, it’s just a personal preference for each being how they wish to experience life for themselves. Usually the soul’s flow of consciousness can fluctuate very easily – it’s not set in stone, it constantly changes, from masculine to feminine, and back, although often it happens that a soul can have a preference for one and the other.

Now, normally, when our physical body is an extension of our own soul/of our own soul’s conscious field – then we are in complete control of how the body manifests. We are the ones sustaining it with our own energy, it’s an extension of us and we control how fast or slow it vibrates. The vibration of the body is determined fully by the soul sustaining the body.

But here, in this reality, our physical bodies are not extensions of our own souls. Our human body in this reality isn’t our creation, or a direct extension of ourselves as beings, our bodies are instead an extension of the Earth’s soul. These human bodies are her creation – a reflection of her own conscious field, and we are just renting them from her, and inhabiting them in order to have this human experience. Of course, us, as souls inhabiting these bodies, we have a creative input also, and we can influence the body as well – but it is in cooperation with her, and we can only make changes to her own creation through a dialogue with her (or by force, which has been done here for eons of time, especially through technology, the human body has been hijacked and modified many times, but this is already another lengthy complex topic). But overall, it is the Earth’s own soul frequency that dictates the frequency of our own physical bodies. If she is moving up in frequency, then our bodies will also inherently move up in frequency along with her.

So from a soul perspective, we are in full charge of our own soul’s conscious field, and the frequency at which our own soul’s conscious field vibrates. We dictate our own frequency.

On the other hand, from a human body perspective, we are in a close relationship to the frequency of the planet herself – if she increases or decreases her own frequency, then our bodies will mirror her, and there’s not very much we (as guest souls) can do about it, other than either go along with it or go against it. If the Earth is increasing for example her own frequency, and our body is jumping in frequency as a result, then our soul can choose to match her frequency, or go higher than her, or lower than her. A soul that matches her own frequency will have a much easier time making the transition to that higher frequency along with her – they will move in unison, whereas a soul that vibrates faster or slower than her, will be out of sync with her, and could be left behind/devastated in the process (unable to go with the flow of the Earth and adapt to her own changes). So that soul would simply leave the body, and gravitate toward other realities that better match their own frequency.

I do believe the Earth is undergoing a change in frequency at the moment, I’m not entirely sure if she is going higher in frequency (pushing humanity to expand and advance further, to travel the universe, have a much more universal perspective, become universal citizens, with a much broader perspective) , or if she is going lower in frequency (pushing humanity to go deeper within themselves, returning more to their roots, become more connected to their home, to the Earth, to themselves). It always varies, and it goes in cycles – it’s her own choice, whether our perspective is being externalized more, or rather internalized more this time around.

In this context, there isn’t a right or wrong frequency – it always fluctuates – it’s not about mindlessly increasing our frequency, or decreasing – it’s about increasing or decreasing our frequency with INTENTION – either to match the Earth’s frequency (if we are to continue the journey with her), or figure out what frequency we as souls want to vibrate at (so that we may decide what other journey we will pursue from here on, perhaps with another planet or star, etc.).

Personally, I would like to stay with the Earth, and continue my journey with her – which means my soul has to ever listen to the Earth, feel into her, and intuitively match her own frequency. She will usually let us know if we are going too fast or too slow, whether we need to speed up or slow down. Personally, in this lifetime, I’ve been going incredibly fast from a soul perspective, my frequency is quite high at a soul level, and these days, what the Earth is communicating to me is that I absolutely need to slow down, if I am to continue with her. I have to slow down almost to the point of coming to a standstill most days, and spend a great deal of time just internally, with myself, not looking at much of anything outside of myself, but instead just resting within my own depths, and going very slow, with very slow steps.

But for someone else, they might need to do the opposite – they might need to up their speed of movement a bit, and take a better look at the world around them, and come out of their own cocoon and have a more externalized perspective, they would have to catch up with the world around them a bit, and speed up their flow of consciousness – take in more knowledge and information than they have been. They might need to expand more at this time, in order to match her frequency.

There is never a universal answer for all of us – no two souls are the same, so it’s a highly individualized journey, where most of all we have to listen to ourselves, and see what we feel most drawn to personally, for our own journeys (not all of us are going to be moving further with the Earth, there will be a split in journeys) and if we are to continue with the Earth, then it has to be a very intimate dialogue with the Earth herself – so that we may constantly match her own frequency (and know for ourselves when it is time to speed up or slow down).

This is just a very small and modest attempt to share a tiny bit of my perspective on this, I could go into further depth, but I’m not quite sure where to begin heh, so I’ll leave it here for now, and I’m very curious what your reaction to this is, if it makes sense, or if you might have any follow up questions.

Hopefully I will be able to continue with the rest of the questions in the coming days.

Thank you so much again for this opportunity to clarify these things better for my own self also – it always helps me when I put it down into words, in a way in which my human mind can better grasp everything, as sometimes I need this for myself, to not lose sight.

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