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The Revival of the Warrior (EN)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Message from Irina that resonates so much with the calling of this website. Please also read her e-book 'Understanding Our True Story' as her insights are so complementary to those in this website!

Artwork from DG Rossetti 'Jeanne d'Arc'

"These times are calling for a return of the true Warrior Archetype. Who’s in? It’s time we step up!

'There is a beautiful archetype in this particular universe - the archetype of the true warrior.

This warrior is very ancient in creation, and it was born from the merging of, perhaps, the two most potent forces in nature: love and devotion. Love for all that is sacred, love for all of life, and devotion to Natural Law, to truth.

When the universe came under threat, and all that was sacred was in danger, the warrior consciousness emerged, very naturally, as part of a universal self-defense.

It stood up for what was right, in absolute integrity, and with immense courage and strength.

In the ancient past, these warriors were very disciplined, very balanced, very wise, very grounded, very sensitive, very intuitive, very connected to themselves, to creation. And above all else, they understood true honor. True respect. True empathy. (...) They fought many battles, and defended so many worlds, so much life, always acting in accordance with the sacred laws of nature.

They weren't the instigators or the aggressors. They were in fact the guardians of this universe. The protectors. When life was in danger, they stood their ground, and fought to defend it.

The warrior will of course, always try to settle a dispute through communication, through dialogue, through mediation. They will heal, they will correct, they will resolve, before they ever pick up the sword.

And sometimes, that is enough.

But often, no amount of dialogue and desire to help and heal can keep the aggressor from attacking.

They often had to physically go to war, and truly fight. And they drew their courage and strength from their true passion for life, for truth, for what is right. That passion was immense, fierce, full of spirit, of fire. And in the middle of a battlefield, that passion often manifested as anger, as rage, as immense pain.

How could it not? How could they not be angry and in pain? When you don't ask for war, but war comes to you anyway, to your family, to your home, and threatens to destroy everything, without any form of consideration or respect, how can one not be enraged? No warrior enjoys picking up the sword, and going to war. They don't do it because they love it, they do it, because they have to. Because their life, and the lives of everyone they love depends on it. The true authentic warriors have a deep respect for the act of war, but they never wish for war. The only thing they wish for is peace, harmony, tranquility. They wish for things to go back to their natural order.

Humanity is at war. Deep war. Whether we want to see it or not, we have been at war for a very long time. Our sacred space, our healthy boundaries, our true natural laws, they have all been broken time and time again by aggressor forces that are always intent to control, rather than honor. To conquer, rather than cooperate. To take, rather than share. To ignore, rather than to truly listen. To detach, rather than feel. To harm, rather than resolve.

Our bodies, our consciousness, our thoughts, our hearts, our souls, they are constantly under attack, and yet, so many of us never ever asked for these attacks.

We only asked to be left alone, and allowed to be, to evolve, to live. But the aggressors have no respect for that, no honor, and this makes a lot of us damn angry. It enrages us at a soul level, that what should be an existence of joy, of true love, of true exploration, of true sharing, has been hijacked and transformed into genuine hell.

Any real being, who knows themselves, who knows what the original creation was originally intended to be, is in touch with that very deep anger and pain, and yes, a lot of warrior energies will arise from that. A lot of warrior archetypes.

I am one of these warriors. I am full of passion. Full of anger. Full of pain. I am devastated. Broken. Shattered within. I've watched so much life here get slaughtered, get abused, tortured, traumatized, imprisoned, controlled, manipulated, distorted. I am damn angry, and holding my sword, but I look around, and I see almost no warriors left.

I see healers, I see caregivers, I see explorers, I see creators, I see rebels, I see nurturers....and they are all beautiful, but I see almost no warriors. This is an archetype that has been nearly exterminated in this reality. The true feminine and masculine warriors are nearly all gone....and whatever is left of that warrior energy has been distorted and twisted into something completely different. Something I can only perceive as grotesque. An impostor form of warrior, that isn't rooted in any way in natural law, in truth, or in honor.

I cherish the fact that I am (angry) because it lets me know I am still alive, it lets me know that I can still feel what is wrong, what is right, it lets me know that I still recognize what is sacred, what is worth defending and standing up for. It lets me know that I still know what true living should be. We have given up on ourselves, on our humanity, on truth, on natural law, and have accepted to passively move towards oblivion, just like so many cycles before.

Only when all has been taken from us, and we are brought to our knees, only then we seem to realize how much pain and anger we hold within, and how much sooner we should've stood up for truth....and picked up the swords."

~Irina Iosub

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