Our western mind lacking all culture in this respect, has never yet devised a concept, not even a name for "the union of opposites through the middle path", that most fundamental item of inward experience which could respectably be set against the Chinese concept of Tao
(Carl Jung)

As introduced in the previous section ‘The Universe’, the original consciousness - Source, divided in two: the Divine Mother and the Divine Father, called this way as they became the parents of all the souls in this Universe. Yin & Yang, Shiva & Vishnu or Alpha & Omega, I would even add Order & Chaos, would work too, depends on your belief references.


They themselves divided in two, giving birth to the four Archangels of Throne. To keep it simple, I will call them Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Each will then split in two, hence creating Azrael, Haniel, Samael, Zadkiel, Jeremiel, Ariel, Raguel and Sophiel. These 12 archangels will form the 12 archetypes of this Universe. Please note that these names can vary according to the authors, I chose those, based on biblical accounts, as they resonate with me the most. However they are also referred in the pantheon of the different religions of the world. (cf. fig #1)


You might think that it is simplistic and limiting to describe the whole Universe though only 12 archetypes. Well think of music: an infinite possibility of songs can be created from only 12 basic notes! And as music notes exist on different scales, so are the archetypes on different dimensions. To that, I would add that, the higher dimension a soul is, the closer to the archetypal characteristics it would be.



The word ‘archetype’ comes from the Greek ‘arche’, which means ‘ancient’ and ‘type’, which means ‘model’ or ‘mould’. Thus archetypes are the ancient moulds into which Creation fashioned humankind.

According to Ashok Bedi in the book 'Path to the Soul': “We could also think of archetypes as high level sets of ‘instructions’. When an archetype is activated, the instructions in it organize what we see, how we feel, the way we depict it, and what we do. This process creates a perceptual-emotional-representational-behavioural mini-program that can operate in our psyche pretty much independently of our conscious choice and – if we are unaware of it operating in the background – assimilate ever more material to itself.”

Carl Jung was, to my knowledge, the first scientist to talk about a map for your soul and personality archetypes. Jung described archetypes as “a pre-shaping possibility”. As I don’t need to reinvent the wheel, I will use Jung’s archetypes as reference. I have just amended some names to make them more neutral and even, this is my point of view.

For the rational minds like me, I will use this analogy: a biological system is defined as a set of self-organised, differentiated elements that interact pair-wise through various networks and media, isolated from other sets by boundaries. Each system carries out a particular task in the organism. In higher forms of organisms such as Vertebrates (including Humans), there are 12 principal biological systems: respiratory, digestive, urinary, reproductive, integumentary, skeletal, muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, immune, endocrine and nervous system. 'As Below, so Above'. Indeed, in the Universe, the souls are also organised into systems to sustain Order within the Chaos. I tend to associate these ‘spiritual systems’ to the notion of ‘archetypes’ because each ensures a specific function in the maintenance of the Universe.

Like in the biological systems:

  • There is no hierarchy; archetypes like systems are all indispensable and interdependent

  • There are subunits; archetypes like systems are heterogeneous and dynamic

  • There is evolution and adaptation; each soul like each cell is unique in its own experience yet fulfilling a collective role



I propose the metaphor of archangels to describe the 12 archetypes, as it should be easier to understand a personified concept. However, an archangel, like an archetype, is not a person with a physical body and wings as pictured in churches. It is a Collective Consciousness made of all the souls that derived from an original one. I would sometimes use the term of 'lineage' as well. The name of the Archangel can represent a family name. Indeed, my cosmic name is Lev’Ara, Ara will relate to the lineage of Ariel, the Warrior Archetype.


In these tables is a rapid overview of the 12 archetypes (cf. fig #2). I do intend to compile a more thorough description of each archangel and archetype and how I came up with these results, if the Universe can provide me more time and resource. If your curiosity is piqued, you can me message and I will update you when the PDF document will be ready. For now, please refer to Jung’s archetype for more in-depth profiles even though there are some divergences.

NB: These tables are a work in progress and there might me many mistakes in the current ones. Take what resonate with you. And if there are some points you totally disagree, please let me know as I don’t really know what it is to belong to another archetype and I would love to receive your insight.



Again, 'As Below, so Above'. The Universe is basically organised like any human societies, in different functions to maintain a harmonious and balanced system.


  • The Uriel Trinity represents the Production function. They are the foundation, the bricks and the cement of every civilization. These Archetypes dwell in the industrial systems, whether primary, secondary or tertiary, as well as in financial systems;

  • The Michael Trinity’s function is Maintenance. Maintenance of health (healthcare and sport systems), order (executive, judicial and military systems), culture (educational system) and tradition (entertainment and religious systems);

  • The Gabriel Trinity defends Independence through freedom of speech (media and arts), individual and collective rights (legislative system) and societal and environmental concerns (activism);

  • The Raphael Trinity promotes Expansion. Expansion of knowledge (science and technology areas) and spirituality (healing and self-development services).


This categorization might remind you of the hinduist cast system and you might think it discriminates more than it unites. Well first, the cast system is based on hierarchy and bloodline transmission, which is a corrupted and man-made program to maintain the governance of those on top of this system. Second, this is a soul’s choice. To recall a taoist wisdom, each being is born with three aspects: the Sky aspect (the timeline and astrological conjunctions you are going through from birth to death), the Environment aspect (your family, country, education, culture, etc.) and the Man aspect: the choices you make. Of course, your choices might be conditioned by the Sky and Environment aspects, but in the end YOU AND ONLY YOU DECIDE. And even if you think circumstances or others are deciding for you, it was your choice to give your free will away.

Your soul may also choose not to follow its archetype. That’s fine as we are all a mix of archetypes, depending on the development stage we are going through, at the physical level and at the spiritual level.



How to determinate your archetype? Well, I noticed some correlation between archetypes and zodiac signs, western and chinese (cf. fig #3). It happens to be quite accurate for me as I am indeed Aries and Snake. However I have not test-proofed it, and as with astrology, it can be more complex than that, as your theme can be influenced by different aspects. In fact, each person is a mix of different archetypes; some are more preeminent than others.


For those who need a more cartesian approach, you can find some personality tests like the Myers-Briggs - based on Jung’s archetypes, which can provide some answer. This makes me realize that I should put an archetype test is in my to-do list…

As some of you may know, some angels and archangels are ‘fallen’. To my knowing, this is the case for Uriel, Azrael, Haniel, Samael and Jeremiel (please correct me if I am wrong). Be aware that this does not mean that every soul of these Archetypes is ‘fallen’ too. When Source has decided to split apart, it created a Duality game. Therefore, some Collective Consciousnesses have chosen to be part of the Chaos’ side, the others to the Order’s side. This Duality creates dynamic and this is how life and evolution are possible. Chaos without order is nothing. Order without Chaos is static, dead. Those of you who are familiar with the concepts of thermodynamic and entropy can understand. Therefore there is no good side or bad side. What is wrong are the polarisation extremisation. I really want to emphasize that what makes a system sustainable is BALANCE. In this Duality game, we need to find ‘The Middle Way’ as Gautama Siddhartha Buddha has taught us 2500 years ago.


Now back to the Archetypes. Whichever Archetype you belong to, ‘fallen’ or not, you can choose your path of 'Service-to-Self' or 'Service-to-others' (cf. fig #4). Hence, a Wise/Sophiel Archetype can become a false guru with all the sectarian abuses we’ve heard of when inclined to the 'Service-to-Self' path, while a Builder/Uriel archetype can provides food and shelter to his community in time of crisis when on the 'Service-to-others 'path. Again, do not fall in the two extremes of the scale: too selfish or too selfless is detrimental for others and yourself. Find balance.


Each life is made of individual choices that are not subjected to its archetype but to the soul. The archetype will just tell us the modus operandi of how we can fulfil our soul mission, aka our dharma.

So for now, my best answer would be to KNOW YOURSELF. Know what you like or hate, what makes you feel uplifted or bring you down, what or who inspire you or despise you, etc. And then ask yourself why. Introspection is your best mirror. I know some of you would rather look outside rather than digging what’s inside, rather distract themselves with material or artificial pleasures rather than dealing with their inner and painful emotions. Yes, there are many traumas (personal, familial and collective) buried inside that you’d prefer to ignore. Note that the more you repress them, the nastier they will creep out, mostly in uncontrollable and detrimental ways… So better face them, do your shadow work. No Ascension is possible without it. Please note that Ascension is not a passive phenomenon written in the sky, falling upon us because the time has come! ASCENSION IS AN ACTIVE SELF-HEALING WORK FIRST. Only after can we join collectively for the betterness of all, and especially of our planet. So whatever works for you - meditation, psychotherapy, shamanism, restorative yoga, art-therapy, etc. – do it, but use your  discernment - gut feeling or intuition, keep your space, sovereignty and free-will. I say that because I witnessed many falling into False Light spiritual masters, healers or coaches’grip (tip: if they ask you insane amount of money as energy exchange, this means they are still stuck on the material plane).



Dharma’ is an ancient Sanskrit word found in Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, and Jain teachings that is often used to describe ‘the right way of living’ or ‘one’s true life path’.

I will cite Simon Chokoisky in his book 'The Five Dharma Types: Vedic Wisdom for Discovering Your Purpose and Destiny': “Dharma is based on an ancient system of social structure and spiritual duty. As many ancient spiritual notions, this system has withstood the test of time, in applying to the human condition throughout history and up to the present. It is a basic human yearning to find purpose in our lives; matching up and having real insight into your Dharma type, will be a great aid in achieving a successful navigation of life. […] Knowing your true Dharma identity will help you to achieve a better sense of yourself, which in turn will allow you to use the strengths that are innate to your essence. Through self acceptance of this innate Dharma type, you will be better able to find a spiritual center. In understanding your true nature, you will find purpose, self esteem, moments of joy and meaning throughout your life.”

As you may notice, 12 is my magic number. Therefore instead of 5 dharma types, I describe 12 archetypes; instead of 7 chakras, I work with a system of 12 chakras as you will see in the next section.

Pragmatically, what does your archetype mean for you? It tells you how to invest your energy, time, intend and love, in the most effective way, professionally and personally. You may have noticed sometimes that some projects will run very smoothly while others will face countless blockages. This is whether you are on the right or wrong path for you. Hence a Creator Archetype should excel better as an artist than a Builder Archetype. However, this is not that trivial, since each individual is a mix of archetypes, depending on his life and soul development.


About the Tao:

'Tao Te King', by Lao-Tseu

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About Simon Chokoisky’s book 'The Five Dharma Types: Vedic Wisdom for Discovering Your Purpose and Destiny' (I haven't read the book, I just like the quote):

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