Fair goes the dancing when the Sitar is tuned.

Tune us the Sitar neither high nor low,
And we will dance away the hearts of men.

The Buddha is prepared to teach.

But the string too tight breaks, and the music dies.

The string too slack has no sound, and the music dies.

There is a middle way.

Tune us the Sitar neither low nor high.
And we will dance away the hearts of men.

(Siddhartha Gautama Buddha)

Extensive information has been published about the chakras, off and online. I will therefore overpass the basics on this topic and in case you want to review or deepen your knowledge, I would then recommend you Judith Anodea’s book 'Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self', which besides energetic and biologic aspects also spans the psychological effects of the chakras.



The mainstream information focuses on a system of 7 chakras, commonly known as the Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras. However, few spirituals have claimed that as we ascend into 5D-Earth, we are moving into a 12-Chakras System. Well this is not exactly what the archangels told me… In fact, our human body already holds these 12 chakras. There were fully active up until Ancient Egypt time, but since then, 5 of them have been occulted from esoteric teachings, and my guess is in order to better control humanity… As Drunvalo Melchizedek said in his chapter about the chakras in his book 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life – volume 2': “Secrecy through distortion in the sciences and in religious and spiritual matters, especially in the last 2000 years, has been rampant.” (p. 322)

I don’t want to develop about secret societies, hidden agendas and so on, but it would interesting for those who are curious to search on this theme as it helps understanding what’s going on. But again, I insist: use your discernment, don’t feed the fear-based matrix and do not fall into Duality. I did that mistake so I know what I am talking about. Remember, they are not the bad guys, we are not the good guys; it is not that trivial…

Back to the chakras. I will cite again Drunvalo, same book, same page: “The other thing the Egyptians say about the 13-chakra system is that the centers are found topographically—on the surface of your body—and evenly spaced. The actual chakras are not evenly spaced inside the breathing tube, but the entry points are evenly spaced over the surface of your body. And they're separated by exactly the distance between the centers of your eyes.” Using this technique, he could found 13 points along the body, from the perineum to the crown. I tried to do the same but maybe because my face is shorter or my eyes wider, I could only find 12 points, discarding the nose point (you can watch an embedded video made in 2017 by my friend Julie as schoolwork, where I show these points, sorry it’s in French). I am not pretending to be more accurate than Drunvalo, but I believe the Universe likes magic numbers and 12 is a particularly recurrent one: 12 months, 12 zodiacs, 12 meridians… Actually, to prove it, I will also use the analogy of the chromatic scale. As Drunvalo said himself: “The chromatic scale has twelve notes, and the thirteenth is the return, or the first note of the next scale. In every octave there are seven notes, and the eighth is the return.” Therefore, I will postulate that the human body has 12 chakras, and the 13th is the first chakra of the next scale, or dimension.

I played piano but am not a music specialist so I asked around why are there only 7 notes (white keys on the piano keyboard) while in fact there 12 in total, why are black keys called flat or sharp as if they can not stand on their own? But no answer I could easily understand… I was also intrigued by the position of the black keys: why not one between E/mi and F/fa? Then I found out that the distance between 2 notes is a tone, except for E/mi and F/fa, which is half-tone, same distance between a note and a flat/sharp. So if you look at the chromatic scale without discrimination between the white and the black keys, you can notice that each key are evenly distanced by a half note, and they are positioned in order of increasing frequency. The 7-note octave, such as that 7-Chakra System, is incomplete and unbalanced. Indeed, the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras are closer each other than the others. Therefore there are 5 chakras that have been omitted or occulted, and their position is similar to the black keys on the piano keyboard. (cf. fig #1)


Besides this music analogy, I can tell that I feel them. I know this is a very subjective statement that cannot be used as evidence. So all I can suggest is to feel it yourself. If you do or just if this information resonates with you then, stick with me a little bit more.



Now that we’ve postulated and positioned the 12 chakras, let’s define each of them. There are few names given to the chakras in literature. I will keep it simple and use the topographic appellation as I find easier to remember and locate. (cf. fig #2)


The 7 mainstream chakras correspond to the white keys, they are therefore located at the 1st (Base), 3rd (Sacral), 5th (Solar Plexus), 6th (Heart), 8th (Throat), 10th (Pineal) and 12th (Crown) positions from bottom to top.


The 5 occulted chakras, as the black keys, are located at the 2nd (Sex), 4th (Navel), 7th (Thymus), 9th (Occipital) and 11th (Frontal) positions. These Chakras are like the flat or sharp notes, they shares characteristics with the adjacent chakras, or more accurately, their characteristics were attributed to their neighbours.


Please check the linked table #1 for a rapid overview. Again, I intend to publish a full description of each chakra in a PDF version. You can sign up for an update.



Why have these 5 chakras been occulted you may ask? Because they are linked to empowerment. According to a channelling I had with Archangel Samael, hiding these chakras would make humans easier to control and maintain them in lower vibration. I know I am opening that door about the hidden dark agendas again. But this is not the point here. What I would like to bring up is that by only focusing on 7 chakras instead of 12, you cripple yourself. It’s like playing music with only 7 notes while you can compose with 12. It is still viable but not optimal. Let me explain why:


The Sex Chakra is linked to the gonads, hence the reproductive system so people tend to focus mainly on potency and fertility problems. However, there are more subtle phenomenon. For example, painful periods and birthing for women are implanted programs to diminish the feminine condition. Do other species have such issue? Whenever I feel a cramp coming, I repeat to myself: “I revoke the pain I have to endure for being a woman”. And believe or not, the pain instantly disappears! To be honest I didn’t find the way to make it permanently off.

I haven’t experienced it myself, but some tantric female practitioners claimed they could stop their periods and therefore control their menstruation and contraception. Imagine if all women could to that! No more poison such as pills, no more traumas such as abortion, no more overpopulation… I believe there are benefits for men to optimize their Sex Chakra too but I haven’t dig into that topic.

By omitting the Sex Chakra, you only use your sexuality in a profane way, for pleasure or for reproduction in best case, for perversion in worse case. By working on your Sex Chakra, you will initiate yourself to Sacred Sex, possibly through Kundalini or Tantric practices. You will learn how to generate, recycle and exchange properly your sexual energy instead of wasting it (just for the anecdote, in French, orgasm is called 'a petite mort', ie the small death).

You will also experience that by having sex with someone, you may merge your auras – or energy field, and split evenly after that. When both are at the same level of energy, it’s OK. But if you have a purer aura than your partner, you will take his/her dirt, while he/she will feel cleaner and lighter.


The Navel Chakra is related to the adrenal glands and therefore to the stress-response system of the body. An overstressed system, especially in our stressful societies, will lead to anxiety and depression. Those create stagnation or regression instead of evolution or transformation.

To release stress and anxiety, most people will indulge themselves in pleasure and/or addiction. These individuals are easier to control.

We can notice that most sportive persons have a healthy Navel Chakra as sport improve resilience, both at the psychological and physiological levels. By the way, the Navel Chakra is related to the Qi, the body energy. This is why physical activity is so recommended but too much discarded in our sedentary societies.

Stress can also be addressed by connecting to Nature. For example, I can soothe a stomach cramp just by touching a tree (cf. tree hugging or Shinrin-Yoku). Indeed the navel is the remanence of the umbilical cord that physically connected the body our mother, energetically to our Mother Earth. By severing this connection, we create a more stressful environment (cf. climate changes) hence a more stress in our body. Vicious cycle!


The Thymus Chakra, as its name says, is linked to the thymus, a gland involved in the immune system of the body. At the physiological plane, your immune system protects you from foreign pathogens such as virus and bacteria. At the energetic level, it protects your from foreign entities. These, just like microorganisms, are not perceptible through our 5 senses, but they are real! Being parasitized by these entities can be detrimental to your energy field. Such as living with a physical parasite, it feeds on you, sucks your energy out and drains you.

By having a weak Thymus Chakra, you tend to be more susceptible to infectious disease at the physiological level; you tend to be more susceptible to mind control at the psychological level, either by a person, an entity or a system. Your boundaries are too weak. You can’t protect yourself. You loose your sovereignty.


The Occipital Chakra is located at the stem of the brain. This part is involved in the archaic and automatic responses of the nervous system. It can be caricaturized as the Reptilian brain with its fight or flight mode. At the physiological plane, it controls the level of alertness, the muscle tonus and reflex, the energetic discharge when encountering a danger. At the psychological plane, it will define how we respond to a stressful or traumatic situation: do we face the problem or do we run from it by repressing and denial. It is indeed closely related to our defense mechanisms.

When omitting the Occipital Chakra, we are overrun by our automatism, conditioning and fear-based programs. We do not make conscious decisions and behave passively, perpetuating the Victim Archetype. We have to empower and masterize ourselves.


The Frontal Chakra is linked to the frontal lobes of the encephala. It is therefore related to the higher cognitive functions of the brain: memory, learning, planning, execution, etc. It was first occulted to avoid people being too smart and then questioning the ruling order- religious or feudal. It is pretty much functioning in our modern rational scientific and technological society. Maybe too much… One of the main functions of the frontal lobes is the control over other activities. A consequence of over-controlling is inhibition. We inhibit ourselves from acting and trusting. We inhibit ourselves from the insights coming from our Pineal Chakras and Crown Chakras. We frame ourselves in a world limited to our 5 senses and rational mind, while there is so much more.


Now you may wonder why not hiding the Crown and Pineal (aka Third Eye) Chakras? Because before the Age of Technology we are now, there was the Age of Religions. The Crown and Pineal Chakras were used to impose dogmatic belief-systems over the population. Remember that the chakras were not in the mainstream knowledge (besides in India I guess), they were only taught inside esoteric schools or secret societies. The disciples of these schools were instructed from dark entities through these chakras. I’m walking that path again… sorry.

To sum up, Sex Chakra has been occulted to misuse our sexual energy, Navel Chakra to disconnect us from our mothers, Thymus Chakra to loose our sovereignty, Occipital Chakra to avoid empowerment, Frontal Chakra to limit our mind. Does it make sense?



As everything is connected, so are the archetypes and the chakras! Indeed each chakra is ruled by an archetype, meaning that in an archetype, the related chakra is dominant. We can link (cf. fig #3):

  • The Base Chakra to the Builder Archetype as they are both related to maintaining survival and safety as individual in the material world;

  • The Sex Chakra to the Partner Archetype as they both deal with relationship with the other;

  • The Sacral Chakra to the Member Archetype as socialization is their asset;

  • The Navel Chakra to the Host Archetype as they focus on pleasure and entertainment in order to release stress and anxiety;

  • The Solar Plexus Chakra to the Leader Archetype as they determine their position in a social group;

  • The Heart Chakra to the Caregiver Archetype as care, healing and loving are at the core of this Archetype;

  • The Thymus Chakra to the Explorer Archetype as boundary statement is their main concern;

  • The Throat Chakra to the Creator Archetype as expression, through words or arts, is their motor;

  • The Occipital Chakra to the Warrior Archetype as defense of one’s life, family, territory, country, planet or belief is their priority;

  • The Pineal Chakra to the Visionary Archetype as they can see beyond reality;

  • The Frontal Chakra to the Savant Archetype as cognition is their main function;

  • The Crown Chakra to the Wise Archetype as they share wisdom and spirituality.

As the chakras mature along with the biological body, we can incarnate each archetype during our lifespan, starting from the Base/Builder to the Crown/Wise. We can indeed notice that people mostly become wiser with age. Not always the case though, because they can be stuck at some specific chakra, either because it’s their soul’s archetype, either because they couldn’t mature energetically. Hence, in our societies, many persons are stuck at the Solar Plexus level, and are still dealing with their ego issues. However, this period is calling us the activate the Occipital Chakra and endorse our Warrior Archetype, by dealing with our shadows, transcending our individual and collective traumas, taking responsibility for our deeds and eventually fix them.

Some of you may also have met particularly wise children. This is because their soul enters their body through the Crown, while most of Earthling enters through the Base. These children are coming from Heaven or higher realms to help humanity transitioning and ascending. Some call them Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children. I’d like to call them the 'New Children', the new inhabitants of the 'New Earth' or Terra Nova. There is much to be said about this, maybe in a new section, if I can…



As a chakras is an energy centre within the etheric body, it can be deficient, balanced or excessive. However, please note this is not a binary ON/OFF system, but a gradient scale where balanced is somewhere in the middle between two extremes. (cf. fig#4)

If you read the quote from Buddha about 'The Middle Way', you can understand that, like the string of a sitar, when a chakra is too loose/deficient or too tight/excessive, the body will act like an instrument out of tune. Unbalanced chakras create disturbance, like stagnation or blockage, in the flow of energy. Those familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine know well the consequences upon the health.

The linked table #2 shows the characteristics in the different states of each chakra, from one extreme to another. Please note that these extremes are rarely encountered. Having an excessive Pineal Chakra, for example, does not necessary mean you are schizophrenic! In fact, the chakra system is more complex than that as there are interaction and compensation between them, but I will not get into these details now.

Therefore, having an overall balanced chakra system allows:

  • A more energetic, younger, healthier body;

  • A clearer channel of communication with your Higher Self, Guides, Collective Consciousness and Gaia;

  • The necessary alignment to create a channel of Light, connecting the Earth to the Galaxy. Hence you become a Beacon of Light, a Lightworker, anchoring the Divine Light within the Earthy Darkness;

  • The preliminary conditions to move on a higher octave or dimension of being.

This what I will call Ascension! I may disturb some when I say that: Ascension is not waking up one day on a 5D-planet. Ascension is tuning your multiple bodies to a sound as pure as possible in order to create a 5D-planet.



Now, at the pragmatic level, how to balance the chakras? I am not a healer but I can share my experience. Before working on the chakras, I needed first to be able to feel them. I achieved this through Qi Gong and meditation practice and Traditional Chinese Medicine study when I was living in Shanghai. I could feel the energy running through my spine, along the two centreline meridians. Especially, I could felt where it was stuck and it was an annoying sensation. When I travelled to Honolulu and Vancouver, I was initiated to the Crystal Realm. They are gateways, healers and teachers to me. I could intuitively find and use specific crystals to adjust each ones of my chakras. I prefer the thumbnail size and crystal form, so I can hold them in my hand while meditating and benefit from their vibration. Beware to remove all kinds of previous imprints before using them.


There are other modalities that could suit you better. Many are presented in Judith Anodea’s book, to cite one. However I suggest you practices that empower you instead of subduing you to somebody else. Finally, I would add that your body, composed of billions of autonomous cells encoded by billions of genes in your DNA, has its own intelligence. So TRUST YOUR BODY when it talks to you, whether by goosebumps, physical urges such as dancing, shouting or crying, or ailments. Somatic diseases are indication that the correlated chakra is unbalanced; therefore treatment should also include energetic and psychological angles.

Are there other chakras? The answer is yes. Within the body, there are minor chakras such as the Sole, the Knee, the Palm Chakras. Outside the body, there are the Earth Star and the Soul Star Chakras, respectively below and above the body. These are ruled by Archangels Sandalphon and Metatron. There are also the lower and higher octaves of chakras, or 'dodecaves' if I may invent a word.

 However, I believe there is enough work to do with the 12-Chakra System, to tune each one of them so you can play your signature melody crystal clear.


About the 7 Chakras:

'The Chakra Bible, the definitive guide to working with chakras', by Patricia Mercier

'Eastern Body, Western Mind: Psychology and the Chakra System As a Path to the Self', by Judith Anodea

About Drunvalo Melchizedek and Sacred Geometry:

'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life: volume 1 & 2', by Drunvalo Melchizedek (the math parts were quite complicated for me)

About tones and half-tones:

About Tantric practice:

'Tao Tantric Arts for Women, cultivating Sexual Energy, Love and Spirit', by Minke de Vos

About Shinrin-Yoku:

About the New Earth and the New Children:

'The three waves of volunteers and the New Earth', by Dolores Cannon

About Crystals:

'The Pocket Book of Stones. Who they are & what they teach', by Robert Simmons (my bedside table book)

'Crystals: How to tap into your infinite potential through the healing power of crystals', by Katie-Jane Wright

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