We can learn about it from exceptional people of our own culture, and from other cultures less destructive than ours. I am speaking of the life of a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children; who has undertaken to cherish it and do it no damage, not because he is duty-bound, but because he loves the world and loves his children… 

(by Wendell Berry in ‘The Unforeseen Wilderness: An Essay on Kentucky’s Red River Gorge’)



As stated in the previous sections, the Earth Matrix has been corrupted in order to keep the Earthling souls entangled to its Material Plane through the implantation of false belief systems, may it by religious dogmatism or rational scepticism. Who did that? How? Why? Let me answer with the ‘Parable of the Poisoned Arrow’ from our enlightened Gautama Siddhartha Buddha, which can be resumed this way: "The important thing is to get rid of the arrow, not to enquire where it came from." (Sangharakshita)


I know I’ve been quite teasing on this topic but the truth is that there is not one truth. There are many speculations, each feeding the interest of the different factions at play, even within the dark side. And it is highly possible that each party believes that are doing their best for the benefit of all. A relative happens to be a front man for the dark side (willingly or not). To him and his peers, a real democracy only leads to anarchy and chaos; the citizens have to be led by a strong ruling order, even if this means limiting their freedom. Each angle is necessarily biased through one’s own perception and belief-system.

Anyway, what’s important and this is what I have been instructed to share through this website, is to learn how to escape from the Earth Matrix. However, this is NOT AN INJUNCTION! I am just giving the tools, so you can have the choice to do it or not, according to your own free-will. I am not here to judge those who feel more confortable in a familiar place; I am here to talk to those who are ready to take the ‘blue pill’ and wake up from the ‘Matrix’.


So, in case it wasn’t clear enough (I am aware there was lot of information saturating in here) I will repeat again: WE NEED TO ALIGN OUR 12 CHAKRAS IN ORDER TO BECOME A CLEAR CHANNEL BETWEEN THE EARTH CORE OF GAIA AND THE CENTRAL SUN OF SOURCE. Then not only you can download the Light to heal our planet and insight to guide your soul mission, but you can also upload yourself whenever needed.


This astral travel - when your mind is free from the limitation of the physical body - happens during meditative, trance or dream state. By experiencing and mastering astral travel, your consciousness will be able to move in between time, space and dimensions to retrieve all kind of information that would benefit your soul journey. And when the time of death will come, your soul will be able to find its way towards the True Light, leading to the Hall of Judgement, where it will be decided the next step in your soul evolution, whether on the Earth plane or another. Hallucinogenic drugs can help achieve this altered state but I do not recommend without proper guidance from an initiated and experienced shaman it as you can get stuck in the Astral Plane and never return to your body. In spirituality, there are no shortcuts; only practice, dedication and faith can keep you on the right path.


In the Earth Matrix, the Silver Cord that links the soul to the Source has been severed, this is therefore hardy possible for the soul to leave the Earth Plane after death. People either worship a false god that would feed them with delusional schemes or think there is nothing at all hence did not prepare for the Hereafter. They will follow the False Light that would bring them back directly into the Earth Matrix or get lost within the Earth Astral Plane haunting the living ones…



Fortunately, many Lightworkers have been sent on Earth to retrieve the lost souls from the Earth Astral Plane. I met a few who do that consciously or not, but mostly in the shadow. One of these beautiful souls, Andrea, is a nurse who accompanies the elderly until their very last breath. Another is Belinda, I know she doesn’t like to be called this way, but I can’t find a better and shorter way to describe her than a ‘ghost-whisperer’, yet her gifts span beyond that. Again, I recommend you reading the stories of the disincarnated souls she channelled and assisted (cf. ‘The Lightnet’).


This clearance allowed the space for new souls to come inhabit the Earth. These souls are still pure and innocent, free from karmic debts, traumatic imprints, contracted ties and toxic attachments, unlike their parents. These New Children are coming directly from the Source to question, challenge and remind their parents about their true nature as divine sparks of Oneness. These new souls have been sent in number in order to harness enough Light to heal the planet and to replace the older souls. These lasts have to move in another plane to achieve their soul evolution according to the original Divine Plan and let Earth starts over again with a new breed of humans.

These New Children are not like the Star Beings described in ‘The Council’ section. These are old souls who have been through the universal schooling system for countless lifetimes and reached higher dimensions. Some of these beings came back on the 3D-Earth to shepherd the New Children as they are actually being misled. The Council of Twelve did not foresee that the Earth Matrix would be so corrupted that the development of these New Children would be sabotaged: heavy metals, fluorine, endocrine disruptors, refined sugar, GMO-gluten consumed on a daily basis through industrial products and medication damage the physical body; all 3/4/5G, Wifi, Bluetooth and all kind of microwave signals disrupt the energy field; conventional education and ‘smart’ technologies limit and control the mind…


The numbers of autistic, attention deficit and hyperactive children (ASD and ADHD) are increasing drastically… These kids are either tamed with drugs either with conditioning. The mainstream health authorities and the majority of parents impose the use of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) as teaching method, which can be basically described like: treat them (with chips, soda or candy) if they obey – positive reinforcement, ignore them if they don’t – negative reinforcement. As I work with autistic children, I am aware that this description is a caricature. ABA is more sophisticated than that; I even witnessed its efficiency but deep inside I know this is so wrong that I can’t do it and always try to find more humanistic other way.


Not all New Children have behavioural disorders and not ASD or ADHD are New Children. Be that as it may, the current lifestyle of the majority of families in the developed countries is detrimental to the children development, physically, energetically and mentally. Is it primordial for the parents to be aware of that, and many are, as they are more cautious about food and environment safety. But few are aware of the psychological and spiritual aspects of a child development. For the psychological part, I recommend reading the theories formulated by developmental psychologists like Bowlby and Winnicott.


Before being criticized (like I’ve been before) that because I am not a mother myself, I cannot understand how it is to be parent so I cannot advise them. I want to make this point clear: I am not talking from a parent’s perspective, but from the child’s one. And no one can deny that I have been a kid myself. Furthermore I was a star child, meaning that my soul, coming from above, has incarnated my body through my Crown Chakra, via the Silver Cord that links to the Central Sun of Source. On the contrary, most Earthlings enter their body through the Base Chakra via the Red Cord that links to the Earth Core of Gaia. As they grow up, each chakra from the Base to the top matures, integrating each physiological and psychological need one after the other, from survival to transcendence (cf. The Chakras fig #4).


As for the Star or New Children, the development is inverted, descending from the Crown to the Base Chakra. This is why you can find autistic children with prodigious math abilities or memory (Frontal Chakra active) but no speech (Throat Chakra deficient) or no social skills (Sacral Chakra deficient). In fact grounding into the matter through the lower chakras is their main challenge. Most of them arrive for the first time on Earth and because of the density, the pollution or the insecurity, they retreat inside themselves, refusing to incarnate fully. I know because I’ve been through that myself and I think the testimonies of Asperger or Highly Sensitive persons will not contradict that.


“We need to feel safe at every planes, we need to hear the truth, we need to be listened with the heart, we need to be respected and treated fairly, we need to be guided and but also consulted, we need to connect with nature and spirits, we need to dream big, we need to be trusted and to trust in you, we need you to let us spread our wings and shine our light. We need you to wake up from the illusion of the corrupted Earth Matrix!”


Yeah so what to do? I was reluctant to write this section because I only started working with children, especially autistic ones. What I know - and I was drawn and predicted to, is that one of my long term soul mission is to create a safe haven on Earth for the New Children. It’s been 4 years since I quit my job as designer in Shanghai to follow the calling of my Higher Self. Yet I am just at the beginning of this journey, still in the learning and experimenting phase, so I barely know what to do…


Nonetheless I did that before, in my former life: as my planet was being ravaged by an interplanetary nuclear war in the Lyran system, the youngsters were abducted by the enemy in their spaceships to become their slaves. I was one of them and I still remember seeing my parents left behind on an dying planet. Among us were some with psychic power who managed to subdue the invaders and took control of the ship. As one of the oldest, I had to take care of all these orphans while we were on an exodus looking for a welcoming planet as a refuge; we found it in the Sirius B system. I know this could be a pretty cool synopsis for a sci-fi movie. But what I intended to illustrate is that taking care of children in need is in my soul blueprint and I was sent on Earth for that.


As I was reading about ‘The Kolbrin’, I came accross this passage: “The Kolbrin says they [the men of Zaidor] arrived in a country [Egypt] populated by human beings whose culture and knowledge had been totally destroyed by global cataclysm. All the adults had been killed by a plague which for some reason many of their children survived. These survivors, with nobody to teach them, wore animal skins, lived in holes in the ground, competed for food with hordes of rats, were hunted down by ‘the Braineaters’, and wandered the plains like wild creatures” (‘The Kolbrin: On Who Built The Great Sphinx, And Why’, by Yvonne Whiteman).


Needless to say that this awkwardly reminds me our current Coronavirus pandemic, where most victims are adults while children are barely affected. I am not prophesizing that a plague will eradicate all the adults of this planet again, yet I’ve been intuitively preparing myself for this contingency for years now. I really hope tough we won’t have to endure such dramatic events, that it is still time for the adults will wake up, raise themselves and their children to a proper state of consciousness, so in the best case they can create the heaven on Earth, or in the worse case they can safely escape from the Earth Matrix. I’m the ‘hope for the best, prepare for the worse’ kind of person. To be honest, I prepared myself and my family for this outbreak, not enough though…

The Universe has sent the New Children in the hope they would wake you up through your Heart Chakra as other modalities didn’t seem to work out. Please don’t let these volunteers become martyrs.

Endorse your Warrior Archetype and protect them at all cost.


About the ‘Parable of the Poisoned Arrow’:

About the Volunteers:

"The Volunteers" Legends of the 21st century Humans (beautiful and short video from

About the New Children:

‘Enfants autistes, hyperactifs, dyslexiques, dys… Et s’il s’agissait d’autre chose?’, by Marie-Françoise Neveu (book in French by a psychotherapist I met personally as supervisor during my internship in school for high potential children)

About child development:

Donald W. Winnicott and the Good Enough Mother concept (many books available)

John Bowlby & Mary Ainsworth and the Attachment theory (many books available)

Faber-Mazlich method: (a simple yet practical and efficient method to communicate with children)

‘Parenting – Le parent est aussi une personne’, by Raphaële Miljkovitch and François Poisson (In French, I had to read it for my psychology study and it happens to be a good overview on the topic)

About 'The Kolbrin' (a collection of eleven books, six Egyptian and five Celtic, that have been hidden for ages, finally published in 1994):

‘Guide to the Kolbrin’, by Yvonne Whiteman :

‘The Kolbrin: On Who Built The Great Sphinx, And Why’, by Yvonne Whiteman:

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