For with the change, it [Atlantis] must rise again. In position, this lies - as the sun rises from the waters - as the line of the shadows (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx; that was set later as the sentinel or guard and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's right paw until the time has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience. 

(Edgar Cayce on Atlantis)



As explained in the previous sections, the trillions of souls composing this Universe are organised in 12 archetypes, each assuming a function, that altogether maintain the viability and dynamic of the Source Oneness. A beehive could be a model for such structure.


The Souls of each Archetype gather as a Collective Consciousness that can be personified as an archangel or equivalent deities (cf. The Archetypes fig #1). These have been channelled and published under the name of Seth by Jane Roberts, the Ra Collective by Don Elkins et al., the Michael Teachings by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Thoth by Drunvalo Melchizedek, to cite a few. For the rational minds, we can compare these Collective Consciousnesses to an Artificial Intelligence that integrates the learning experience of multiple devices. These archangels gather as Council of Twelve that monitors the different matrix experiments throughout the Universe in order to maintain balance. Again for the rational minds, a matrix experiment can be compared to a video game, with its specific settings, avatars and missions.


So when a matrix experiment goes rogue, by corrupting the program or infecting with viruses for example, the Council of Twelve intervenes by calling emissaries to restore balance. This has been the case for the Earth Matrix Experiment few times now. If the emissaries fail, then a reset is performed just like when a computer is frozen. This was what happened with the Fall of Atlantis and the few others extinctions events the planet went through. This is what will happen if the current emissaries do not succeed in awakening a significant proportion of humans.


Because of the Law of Free-Will, the emissaries, nor the Council of Twelve or Source itself, can’t fix the Earth Matrix directly and permanently. This has to be done by every human being, through the correction of his or her own corrupted experience and body. As explained in 'The Chakras' section, the etheric human body has been severed by occulting 5 chakras among the 12 in order to disrupt the connection with Oneness and maintain a Duality reality. Like in the ‘Matrix’ movie, the humans became livestock for a group who feeds on their energy.



Normally, anybody could become emissary of his or her archetype as long as he or she has done the work to align his or her 12-Chakra System to become a clear channel to his or her Collective Consciousness. However, because of the Earth Matrix corruption, it has been particularly difficult for Earthling to achieve this, yet not impossible.

To increase the odds, once in a while, the Council of Twelve sends extra-terrestrial beings to incarnate on Earth to hold this mission. In the New Age community, these beings are called 'Starseeds' or 'Walk-In'. Not all of them are here to become emissary of the Council of Twelve, but many came with the mission of awakening the human beings during this critical time of transition.

I don’t know all the modalities for every alien race, so I will speak from my perspective. First of all, you have to know that the goal for each soul in the Universe Experiment is to ascend from lower dimension to higher until returning to Oneness with Source. For that, each soul has to pass initiation through a universal schooling system. A matrix experiment is grade where the soul experiments some situations, learns and eventually overcomes. If the lesson is integrated then the soul will move to the next grade; if not it will repeat the pattern until fully understood. The Earth Matrix is Third Dimension, a low dimensional grade, like primary school, where we have to learn the lesson of Duality. Why do I have to explain that? Because you have to understand that it is not possible for beings from higher dimensions to return naturally to 3D, just as it is not possible for a high school student to go back to primary. Therefore the Council of Twelve, with the helps of aliens from higher dimensions, has devised a trick to enter the Earth Matrix from within. Some human beings have been genetically modified in order to allow a switch between the local soul and the alien soul, at the moment of death. I assure you, nobody has been killed for that! It was either accidental death, either consented exchange. The host body becomes the avatar for the Walk-In soul, while the alien body, if physical, is held somewhere in a spaceship. It’s pretty much like in the ‘Avatar’ movie, but inverted. It is important to remember that the souls have been exchanged but not the brains, therefore the Star Being keeps the memory of the host while forgetting his or hers. He or she can only recover partially them from the Astral Plane, through dreams or Akashic Records access. For that, the Star being, like others, have to do inner work in order to align his or her 12-Chakra System and reconnect with his or her Higher Self and his or her Collective Consciousness and eventually become emissary of the Council of Twelve. Because these beings already graduated from 3D level, they should overcome Duality easily. Unfortunately, even for them, it is not always the case as adapting to the Earth density and corruption is challenging and falling into the 'Service-to-Self' instead of 'Service-to-Others' is tempting. You can read Dolores Cannon’s book mentioned in 'The Chakras' section.

Even if the Star Being manages to wake up and remember his or her true nature, becoming emissary is a personal choice not everyone can afford or dare. There is no fame or gain to be emissary; you have to achieve your soul missions in the shadow while assuming your mundane life. The emissaries are quite similar to the 'Lamed-Vav Tzadikim Nistarim', the '36 hidden righteous ones’, described in the mystical branches of Judaism: “in our folk tales, they emerge from their self-imposed concealment and, by the mystic powers, which they possess, they succeed in adverting the threatened disasters of at people persecuted by the enemies that surround them. They return to their anonymity as soon as they task is accomplished, ‘concealing’ themselves once again […].” ('The 36 – Who Are They?', by Rabbi Raymond Zwerin).


In fact, they used to be more visible by incarnating in ruling factions like Akhenaten and his family during the Armana era against the false gods in Ancient Egypt, or Merlin and his acolytes during the Avalon chronicle against the Catholic evangelists. These emissaries managed to temporarily restore balance but Darkness took over after they left prematurely... Consequently, the Council of Twelve has decided to change the strategy: instead of imposing from above, awakening should rise and spread from within. The current emissaries are therefore random people living a low-key and normal life.

You might ask, am I one of them, and if so why not concealing myself? After endorsing his or her role as emissary, the individual has to find his or her peers to reunite the Council of Twelve on Earth. They are supposed to be drawn to each other. Because each represents his or her archetype, each will bring his or her specific assets to the team in order to accomplish assigned missions. Well I believe I found some those I was supposed to team up with, but I did not succeed to rally them to the cause. I tried, I failed so I don’t need to hide anymore. What I can do now is to help those who will take over the mission. I indeed believe there are many sets and generations of potential emissaries on Earth and that the Council has anticipated some contingency plans in case those of my generation, born around 1977, fail.

I will now share the mission I have been instructed, so hopefully, those of the next generation, born around 1989, could fulfil it if the time frame allows it.



Earth Matrix has been corrupted in so many ways; I can’t disclose them all, but one of it was to disconnect the Earthlings from their galactic family. Life did not originate here and we are not alone. Only narrow and centred minds could believe that. In fact, Earth has been seeded by many alien races to become a sort of library of species. I will not develop on this topic as you can find many documents such as Seth Lyon’s articles on 'The History of the Multiverse', in the TV documentary series 'Ancient Aliens', or in Anton Parks’s trilogy 'The Chronicles of Girku' based on the Dead Sea Scrolls transcription.


In fact, many artefacts proving the existence of ancient technologically advanced civilizations were found around the globe, the most obvious being the pyramids in Egypt. Still, extra-terrestrial interventions have been occulted from conventional mindsets and even up to now mankind believes to be the sole sentient beings in the whole Universe. The mainstream religious and scientific propagandas have completely brainwashed humanity with deceptive dogmatism in one side and cynical scepticism on the other side.


Being disconnected from alternative realities, the humans have locked themselves within the Earth Matrix. As I said earlier, Earth is just a step in our spiritual evolution, but countless souls have been stuck here for ages, repeating the same patterns, perpetuating the same traumas, reaping more karma, entangling more contracts… Normally, after death, the soul should be lead to the Hall of Judgement where it will be assessed and it will be subsequently decided, with the agreement of the soul, whether to return on Earth for another shot or to move on another planet matrix for another experience. However, most of the human souls did not manage to reach this hall. Most of the time, the departed soul will either call on a false god who promised a fake paradise or hell and will return directly in the Earth Matrix, either got lost in the Astral Plane not knowing what to do. Very few have been instructed about the rite passage of death, and even though the available teachings such as the Tibetan or Egyptian Books of Dead are too esoteric and barely practical. I invite you to read Belinda’s stories of disincarnated souls on her website linked in 'The Lightnet' section.


For the Council of Twelve, it is necessary for humanity to relink with its galactic entourage, not by a so-called programed disclosure of alien collaboration with some governments that would freak out the crowds, but by revealing its extra-terrestrial heritage through ancient artefacts hidden in the Hall of Records.


Many relate the Hall of Records to the Akashic Records. The Akasha is said to be the library of all events and responses concerning all consciousnesses in all realities, encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. To the rational minds, it can be compared to a Cloud storing all experience-files of all soul-devices of this Universe. As it exists in frequency, accessible by astral projection, no one is supposed to find a physical Hall of Records. Actually, it is rumoured that a mythical Hall of Records is a library buried under the Great Sphinx in the Giza pyramid complex.



According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, in an email shared by Density4, August 17th, 1995:

"According to Edgar Cayce, the famous psychic, the opening to the Halls of Records, which hold the history of the Earth, will be found in the right shoulder of the Sphinx. […] The Sphinx is now under major renovation, and one of the problems with it is that the right shoulder keeps breaking open. The Egyptians have been trying to patch it to keep it together. The head is also falling off. About six or seven years ago, Thoth told Drunvalo that the head will fall off and that, in the neck, there will be found a large golden sphere, which is a time capsule. The Egyptians are doing everything they can to keep the head and right shoulder from falling off.

Thoth says everything was set up at a higher level so that the Halls of Records would be discovered before the end of 1990. Drunvalo is not sure if it has happened or not. Thoth said 148 sets of three people would try to enter the Halls of Records, until one of these sets, coming from the West, would open the doorway by making a sound with their voice. Inside there would be a spiral staircase going into an underground room. The Japanese have the technical ability to see this room clearly enough with instruments to detect a clay pot in the corner. There are three channels that go out from this room. If you know how to read it, the clay pot will tell you where to go and what to do. Thoth said that the three people from the West would enter and go down the right channel. If you go down the wrong channel, or if you are not the right group of people, you will die - a real "Indiana Jones"- type scene. If you are one of the chosen three people you can walk right in without any problem. These three people eventually will come down a long stone hallway lit on its own with no lights; that is, the air itself would be luminous. High up on the left side of the wall would be etched forty-eight sacred geometry drawings. These are the illustrations of the chromosomes of Christ-consciousness, the first one being the flower of life. At the end of the hallway there is a slight righthand turn into a large room. Sitting on the raised shelves of this room is physical evidence of the existence of civilization on this planet for the last 5 1/2, million years. At the front of the room is a stone. At the top of the stone these three people would find something like a photograph, an image of themselves. Beneath the images in the photograph they would find their names- not necessarily the names they were given at birth, but their true names. Underneath the names would be a date, which would be that actual day. Originally Thoth was going to meet these three people but he is now gone. Unless it happened before May 4, 1991, someone else will meet them. Thoth said that each of these three people will be allowed to remove one of these objects and take it out.

The Halls of Records contain more than physical objects. Under the Sphinx, in the Halls of Records, information is stored on many different dimensional levels."


In his book 'The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life – volume 1', he added:

"According to Cayce, the right paw of the Sphinx is the opening to the Hall of Records. Both Thoth and Cayce have said that there are physical objects hidden in a room underground near the Sphinx that absolutely prove that there were advanced cultures on this planet long before us. Thoth says that these objects will prove the existence of these advanced cultures as far back as five and a half million years. In comparison, our level of culture is but a child to these ancient cultures.

In fact, according to Thoth, civilization on this planet actually extends back 500 million years, and our very first culture originally came from the stars. But something colossal happened five and a half million years ago that affected the akashic records. I cannot understand how that could even take place, because of what I understand the akashic records to be. According to what I know, anything that occurs, occurs forever in vibrational form. So I don’t understand how the akashic records can be destroyed; yet I’m told this is true."


I don’t think the Hall of Records has been discovered in the 90’s as predicted by Cayce or Thoth, if so then the news has been well concealed. Tunnels under the plateau of Giza have been scientifically investigated: "In 1987 a Japanese team from Waseda University (Tokyo), under the direction of Sakuji Yoshimura carried out an electromagnetic sounding survey of the Khufu Pyramid and Sphinx. They reported evidence of a tunnel oriented north-south under the Sphinx, a water pocket 2.5 to 3 m below surface near the south hind paw, and another cavity near the north hind paw. In 1991 a team consisting of geologist Robert Schoch (Boston University), Thomas Dobecki, and John Anthony West carried out a survey of the Sphinx using seismic refraction, refraction tomography, and seismic reflection. The investigators interpreted their data to indicate shallower subsurface weathering patterns toward the back and deeper weathering toward the front, which they take to indicate that the back of the Sphinx and its ditch were carved by Khafre later than the front. They interpret their data to likewise indicate subsurface cavities in front of the front left paw, and from the left paw back along the south flank." (


However, "Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval, in 'Message of the Sphinx' stated that American archaeologists and the Egyptian government had in the past blocked investigations around the Sphinx, including attempts to locate any underground cavities. Bauval later wrote 'Secret Chamber' in 1999. According to Bauval's research, Egyptian Antiquities granted an American team a license to search for the Hall of Records under the Sphinx. It is known that there are three passages around the Sphinx, two have unknown origin. One is a small dead-end nineteenth century shaft behind the head. Also, little holes in the body of the Sphinx may be related to its construction, but this is unknown." (Wikipedia)


You are allowed to criticize the lack of credibility in my investigations and references. I wanted to become archaeologist when I was 6, as I was fascinated with Ancient Egyptian civilization and gods, but life has decided differently. In fact, this part - the research, should have been done by the Emissary of the Savant Archetype, not me. Unfortunately, I did not find him or her…



The mission, if you accept it, is to find and open this Hall of Records, document this discovery with a video, bring back the mentioned artefact, and broadcast the news to the world so it could hopefully change the people’s mindset and consciousness.


For that, you need to gather:

  • The set of 3 persons holding the etheric key in their voice to open the door (any Archetype)

  • Channelers or oracles for guidance (Wise Archetype)

  • Scholars or experts for preliminary researches (Savant Archetype)
  • Out-of-body travellers to explore the tunnels under the Sphinx and locate the entrance (Visionary Archetype)

  • A TV production team to cover the discovery and broadcast in a large scale (Builder, Creator Archetypes)

  • Team builder (Warrior, Leader Archetypes)

  • Indiana Jones or Bear Grylls for the stunts in the crypts (Explorer, Host Archetypes)

  • Social networker for bribing Egyptian officials to allow the entry on the site (Member, Partner Archetypes)


Due date: the 4th of August 2020, during the Lion’s stargate. I ignore if there will be other opportunities after this date.

With the due date approaching (today is the 1st April 2020) and the lock down due to the Coronavirus pandemyic,

I have very little hope to achieve this mission by myself... Anger, frustration, despair, sadness...

All I can do now is to share my knowing so another team can carry over the mission for the next window of opportunity.


About Collective Consciousness channelling:

'The Nature of Personal Reality – A Seth Book', by Jane Roberts (I started reading it but had to stop somehow)

'The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One: Volume 1 and 2', by Don Elkins, Carla L. Rueckert, James Allen McCarty (I haven't read the book just some excerpts)

'Messages from Michael', by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (I haven't read the book just some excerpts)

About Starseeds and Walk-In : (if you are curious about your Starseed lineage, you can order your natal chart there)

About the history of the Universe and Earth:

'The History of the Multiverse', by Seth Lyon:

The TV documentary series 'Ancient Aliens'

'The Chronicles of Girku' trilogy, by Anton Parks (I've read the first 2, lot of precious info there)

About Akhenaten and his family:

'The Kolbrin’s King Akhenaten story', by Yvonne Whiteman: (I am just discovering The Kolbrin, I share this article as it has an interesting unconventional angle, but to be taken with discernment!)

About the Akashic Records:

'Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything', by Ervin Laszlo (I haven't read the book just some excerpts)

About the Hall of Records :

'Message of the Sphinx', by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval (I haven't read the book just some excerpts)

About the Lion’s stargate:

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