Here I share my knowing received directly from my Archetypical Collective Consciousness.
I do not claim it as knowledge as this can not be verified nor accepted by science and consensus.
Nevertheless, the channeled insights, through dreams or meditations, have been supported by researches in published literature (off and online). I will quote these references whenever possible.
My aim is to connect all the small pieces of the puzzle in order to draw the big picture.
Please note that I receive these insights in form of words, schemes and patterns. These are proceeded through my human mind with its limitations and evolutions. Therefore the material here is not fixed and absolute, but dynamic and relative, hence subjected to amendment.
The Universe

How was the Universe created? No need to search too far, just look at how a living organism is generated!

The Archetypes

As only 12 notes can compose a whole symphony, 12 archetypes can create a whole Universe.

The Chakras

The human chakra system is actually composed of 12 centers. Why 5 of them have been occulted?

The Council

After some generalities, let's now dig deeper inside hidden prophecies...

The Earth

There will be no new revolutionary insights in this section, just my tribute to our beloved Mother Earth.

The Children

They are our future… What will you leave to them?

© 2018-2020 by TT Tran

Please note that information contained in this website is freely accessible as I believe my gifts should be shared and not marketed; however this does not mean that my work is worthless. Therefore this material should not be modified nor used in commercial purposes without my consent and proper reference.

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