My goal is to build a network of light, connecting the Sisters of Revolution around the globe.
We are not meant to shine alone in the dark night of the soul. Of course, in the search of our inner light, we can only walk the path by ourselves. But once empowered, we need to combine our forces and gifts as an army of love and light.
If you want to join the sisterhood, please contact me. For your privacy, your details will not be published online. However if you already went public and hold a website or social network page, I'll be happy to share the link here.
Please note:


The intent of this Lightnet is to create a free community of peers sharing messages and insights from higher realms to help each other embracing and manifesting each Soul Mission. We all have signed to come on Earth with specific missions; these might intertwine or require partners and supports. Let's bring individuals together and work as one!

Therefore, please acknowledge that this Lightnet is not for promotional or commercial use.

A private Facebook page (unless there's a better/safer option) will be released if the seed happens to grow.

Toronto, Canada

Belinda has been my soul sister for 4 years now.

Our friendship has helped me grow so much, I can't be grateful enough.

This overseas virtual relationship is a proof that a Lightnet is possible (we only met once least year).

Belinda has started sharing stories from desincarnated souls she has helped. More to come.

Manila, Philippines

Mei was a serendipituous encounter on Instagram.

On a comment, she proposed "to sign a sort of manifesto, a strong statement about empowerment and oneness. Can anyone host a website/platform please?" This reminded me it was my intention 2 years ago with this website and time has come to bring it alive.

Brasov, Romania

Irina is definitively a soul the Universe wanted me to find, and it wasn't that easy! She wrotes in 2016 an e-book called 'The Understanding of our True Story' that somehow disappeared. But I miraculously found it and it was mind-blowing: the perfect complement to this website !

I hope she will publish it again.

Washington State, USA

Katie-Jane has welcomed me through her Instagram community where she shares so much light and insight.

Her heart is as warm as the sun, her voice as pure as crystal, her knowledge as deep as the galaxy.

Discover her light language and receive your special heart activation through her website.

Yaounde, Cameroon

I met Dorentine while I was studying Art-Therapy back in 2016.

Behind her apparent sweetness hides a fierce amazon with a big heart ready to ride to where humanity is most in need and needed. Follow her on her humanitarian journeys through her Instagram account.

© 2018-2020 by TT Tran

Please note that information contained in this website is freely accessible as I believe my gifts should be shared and not marketed; however this does not mean that my work is worthless. Therefore this material should not be modified nor used in commercial purposes without my consent and proper reference.

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