Mother of Revolution

(lyrics by Tori Amos)


Lucky me
I guessed the kind of man
That you would turn out to be
Now I wish that I'd been wrong and then
I could remember to breathe
And all along the watchtower
The night horses and the black mares
Ready themselves for the outcome
For the strange times upon us

But what you didn't count on
Was another mother of
A mother revolution
But what you didn't count on
Was another mother of
A mother revolution



I woke up one morning with this melody in my head. I knew this song for years but the meaning only then appeared clearly:

our Divine Mother will not let the Man turns the world into chaos. She will lead the revolution to bring

the Divine Feminine back on her throne, next to her consort, and restore balance in this part of the Universe.


In 'revolution', there is the word 'evolution'. Indeed, the human species is evolving into a new breed; the Homo sapiens will be replaced by the Homo spiritualis. This is the normal course of nature, it happened before, it is happening now. We are birthing New Children with enhanced bodies hosting souls from higher realms. They came here to increase the vibration of Earth in preparation for her prophesied ascension. But this did not happen, these children were not allowed to shine.

Instead they were tamed and extinguished. Instead of freeing humanity from the corrupted matrix, they got stuck in it.

Instead of ascending, we might all fall into the end of times.


This is why 'evolution' has to become 'revolution', as we, the Women, have to stand against the corrupted domination.

This is why 'evolution' has to become 'revolution', as we, the Women, have to end the patriarchal cycle as we enter the Aquarian Age.

We, as daughters of the Divine Mother, of the Mother Earth, have to join our power as Sisters of Revolution,

so our New Children can enlighten the world, heal our dear planet and create heaven on Earth.


Let me share with you this channeled message from Sekhmet, the ancient Egyptian warrior goddess:

"This is a call to arms my dear sisters. It is time to overcome fear with faith, ego with love, ignorance with truth, materialism with spirituality, greed with abundance. Therefore, our Mother asked me to provide you some insights to help you reclaim, accept, integrate and manifest your own power, because, and I insist, revolution starts from within.

Empower yourself and rise above the mist, towards the light. With your deployed wings, you can not fall!"

Of course, this is not a protest against Man, just towards the old patriarchal supremacy, the few who are controlling and enslaving humanity. Men are welcome to join the movement but since the women will be the majority, it will be a sisterhood.

Indeed, even grammatical rules have to evolve.

UPDATE (20th March 2020)


This website has been on hold since 2018 as I felt it was not the right timing; yet I had to seed it and let it in dormancy until now.


The first feedbacks I received from my friends about this project were that the overall feeling was too belligerent, which I can’t deny. I’ve been advised to take a more peaceful and empathetic approach. I thought my friends were right, yet I couldn’t make a change because it wasn’t me.


I am not an altruistic Lover, I am not a nurturing Mother, I am not a merciful Crone. I belong to the Archetype of the Warrior led by the Collective Consciousness of Archangel Ariel (aka Sekhmet, Dana, Diana, Artemis). I am an amazon of the army of the Divine Mother. I defend light over darkness, I defend freedom over oppression, I defend love over fear, I defend truth over deception. So yes, my words might strike like a sword, hit like an arrow and smash like a hammer. They can make you feel uncomfortable, but the world as it is now is no longer safe, you will be pushed out of your comfort zone anyway. Whether you confront it or deny it, it’s your choice.


Hear me clearly, I am not calling to war; I am calling to rebellion. I am not calling to overthrow; I am calling to equilibrium. As the Yin and the Yang show us, the light doesn’t exist without the darkness; the feminine doesn’t exist without the masculine. But the game has been biased and we need to restore the rightful order by regaining our sovereignty as women. For centuries women were devoted daughter, spouse and mother. They know how to care and love. Many also succeed as entrepreneur and leader. But too many have forgotten how to be an amazon, how to empower themselves and not be a victim. Of course the female voices are now rising against the patriarchy and this is awesome. But these are the shouts from victims first, and God I am shocked by their number... It is necessary to end this pattern of victimhood as soon as possible, for the sake of the new generations.


I am aware the vibes I put in here might not resonate with most of you. It took me a while to accept my true nature, as I wanted to be “energetically attractive” in order to help as many persons as I can. I even thought of changing the name into ‘Holymystic’ as a synchresis of Holy+Mystic+Optimistic, which I thought was quite brilliant. But it wasn’t me. As a matter of fact, I am not an optimistic person; I don’t see the world through rainbow lenses; I see it through my many memories of civilization collapses and planet destructions. I wake up at night crying for those that I’ve lost. Believe me, I don’t want this to happen again.


Despite the fall of Atlantis being very pregnant in our collective memory, the lessons haven’t been integrated, mostly because the Earth matrix has been perverted and the human body tamed. Among the twelve original chakras, five have been occulted, including the Occipital chakra forcing the Warrior archetype into sleep. My hope is to awaken those of this archetype, male or female, by reactivating the Occipital chakra. If only a few of you are hearing the call then that’s ok, I did my part, and one of my missions would be accomplished.


When I started channeling all these information about the Universe, the Archetypes and the Chakras, I didn’t understand what it was for, except for filling my insatiable curiosity and optimizing my weak body. I am starting to perceive the connection between the pieces and I wanted to have the full picture before officially publishing this website. But I’ve been told this is the time to release my research and let others take what they have to take. I told the Universe that it should then provide me with time and energy, as I was already working with special need persons and studying psychology. And ironically, the Universe responded with this period of confinement…

I am not a spiritual master, healer nor medium, I am not even psychic. I just follow my intuition, this knowing coming from within. Through initiation, practice and dedication, I managed to optimize the potentiality of my bodies - physical, astral, emotional, mental and spiritual. As collateral, I was introduced to the arts of meditating, healing and channeling. I like to call these ‘arts’ because some people are naturally born gifted; and some, like me, have to exercise over years in order to masterize them. And with arts, you can create. You can create your own life, you can create a better world.

As I write this, I realize why I am becoming an art-therapist and not an artist per say. My mission is not to use my arts to contribute to the betterness of all; my mission is to help people developing their own arts so we can ALL contribute to the betterness of all.

Please note that it is not my intend to teach you anything; I am far from being a spiritual master.   I am just trying to share who I am and what I sense. If you resonate with that, feel free to explore this website and send me your feedback.

Thi Thai
Paris - France

© 2018-2020 by TT Tran

Please note that information contained in this website is freely accessible as I believe my gifts should be shared and not marketed; however this does not mean that my work is worthless. Therefore this material should not be modified nor used in commercial purposes without my consent and proper reference.

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