That which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below
to do the miracles of one only thing
(beginning of 'The Emerald Tablet' of Hermes Trismegistos, translated by Isaac Newton)

'As Above, so Below. As Below, so Above'. Indeed it has been postulated – and I agree with - that the Universe we live in is distributed according to a fractal system. In mathematics, a fractal is defined as “a geometrical figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. They are useful in modelling structures (such as snowflakes) in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales, and in describing partly random or chaotic phenomena such as crystal growth and galaxy formation.” Meaning the same structure is reflected at every scale, from microcosm to macrocosm, from atom to galaxy, from cell to organism, from Man to God.

At the physical level, we know how the body is generated; this process has been thoroughly studied and is known as embryogenesis. It all starts with the male gamete merging the female gamete, creating the first cell, the zygote. The zygote then undergoes mitotic divisions and cellular differentiations, leading to development of a multicellular embryo.

At the cosmic level, it began likewise. However, I can’t tell this process as been scientifically established as it was purely channelled by myself, one night during meditation. Whether this is truth or not, I let it to your discernment. Whether it's an original hypothesis, I don't know and don't claim it. Actually, I would feel more comfortable if other persons share the same idea.

A first entity, let’s call it ‘Source’, was conceived (by two parent Universes?), and for a while, it was ‘All that is’. But somehow, Source felt lonely and decided to split itself in two distinct entities: ‘Divine Mother’ and ‘Divine Father’. It was pretty much like how life appeared on Earth: at first were the unicellular bacteria, then they started to sexually differentiate and evolved into multicellular organisms.

The story of the beginning of our Universe has been nicely narrated in Seth Lyon’s book 'The Ascension Deception' so I will not get into details here. Nevertheless, I feel necessary to add this analogy between the Universe and the body, due to my scientific background (I have a Master degree in Biotechnobiology).

'As Below, so Above', and like in embryogenesis, these two entities, which were and still are purely consciousness, divided themselves, creating four other entities, these four split into eight, and so on, until creating the whole body of this Universe.

One picture worth more than a thousand words, so please check the graphic to help you understand.

From a spiritual point of view, this means that all the souls of this Universe form the body of the Source, just like the trillions of cells are the building blocks of a human body. And as each cell being genetically identical to the first cell, each soul wears the same divine code as the Source. And as each cell being generated from the same original cell, all the souls are siblings, sharing the same Mother and Father. And as each cell building a living body, every soul is part of this experience of Source consciousness.

What I say here is no different from what have been preached by well-known prophets such as Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tseu and so on. I am not pretending to be a prophet myself. I just propose another perspective, which might be more suitable for this mind-driven millennium. In this dynamic, Universe, souls and minds evolve so we can’t stick blindly to what was said more than 2000 years ago.


From a cosmogonic point of view, this means that Source divided itself into Divine Mother and Divine Father, creating therefore Duality, the Feminine & the Masculine principles, the Yin & the Yang, the electric & the magnetic energies. These three entities form the Divine Trinity. I diverge from Christianity and join many New Age teachings by stating that the Holy Spirit is in fact our Divine Mother, who has been denied by the patriarchal system.

Mother and Father divided themselves into the four ‘Archangels of Throne’: Uriel, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. Who gave who, I’m not so sure, let’s say that Uriel and Michael feel masculine and Gabriel and Raphael feel feminine.

These four Archangels of Throne divided at their turn into eight other archangels I would call the ‘Archetypal Archangels’: Azrael, Haniel, Samael, Zadkiel, Jeremiel, Ariel, Raguel and Sophiel. Each of these Archangels can be known under different names according to different sources (eg. Ariel but she prefers Siriel) or cultures or religions (eg. Ariel aka Tiamat, Sekhmet, Dana, Artemis, Vajrasattva). They basically are the gods in the different cosmogonies of the main ancient cultures of this planet.

Again, who is who and who gave who is still under speculation, and what is stated in this website is my belief at this stage of my earthly evolution.


From a dimensional point of view - and this is a complicated part to comprehend even for me, this means that at each level of division correspond a consciousness which is no longer a single entity but the sum of all the consciousnesses below it; therefore we call it a ‘Collective Consciousness’. Think back to the embryogenesis: after few rounds of division, the cells start to differentiate; some will become liver, others bones, brain, etc. To make it easier to understand, let’s say for example that each cell from the liver belongs to the liver’s consciousness of the first liver-differentiated cell, which does no longer exist in a material aspect, but still in consciousness as it is ‘alive’ through all its descendants. So it is with the souls.

The Source is therefore the Collective Consciousness of all the souls in the Universe. Think of it like a gigantic cloud server connected to every computer that had ever existed, storing all the data on its hard drive, called the ‘Akashic Records’. At a lower level, Father is the Collective Consciousness of half of the souls in the Universe, and Mother the other half. This does not mean that every male soul belongs to the Father’s collective consciousness, and vice versa, it’s more complex than that, because the Masculine and Feminine principles simultaneously exist in everything. I’ll get back on that later, for now let’s stick to the dimensional aspect.

Below the Father and Mother’s level or dimension, there are the archangel’s dimensions, and so on, down to our level, communally called the ‘Third Dimension’. I use the word ‘down’ because this is a fall into lower dimensions.

Now let’s see from our side of the scale. As each cell is the result of the division of a previous cell into two new cells, each soul is the result of a former soul called the ‘Higher Self’ and has a complementary soul called the ‘Twin Flame’. Normally, when we undergo the process of Ascension, our soul merge back with our Twin Flame and the reunited souls reached the Higher Self’s dimension (D+1). At its turn the Higher Self will merge with its Twin Flame to become its Higher Self at D+2, and so on until reaching the Source’s dimension D+x (x = number of divisions since the first division).

I said ‘normally’, because in the corrupted Matrix of Earth, it does not happen this way as our Ascension has been somehow prevented.


Now let’s examine the dharmic point of view. ‘Dharma’ is “a Hindu, Buddhist and yogic concept which refers to the idea of a law or principle governing the universe. For an individual to live out their Dharma is for them to act in accordance with this law. In Buddhism, it is said that acting in this way is the path to enlightenment. The implication of Dharma is that there is a right way for each person to carry out their life. Dharma is closely related to the concepts of duty and Service to Others.” ( I will add to these the concepts of soul mission and the trendy Japanese concept of Ikigai.

As the cells differentiate into organs, the Souls also differentiate into what I will call ‘archetypes’, filling specific roles to maintain the equilibrium of the Universe. Therefore, each soul is supposed to fulfil its dharma according to its archetype. For example, the Savant Archetype has to gather knowledge in order to transmit to its entourage. Not only this individual does this as a ‘Service-to-Others’, but also to her/himself as she/he will live to her/his full potential, doing what she/he is designed for and excel at, hence finding meaning and purpose to her/his life.

These archetypes are personified by each of the twelve archangels and are expressed in each individual through the chakras system of each body.

In a complex organism, each cell plays a specific role in the organ, which at its turn has a specific function in the body, like digestion, immunity, respiration, etc. All this is finely regulated, to keep the trillions of cells working altogether for the maintenance of the entire organism. When a single cell stops to fill its function, it no longer takes part in the biological system. In the best case, it just dies in apoptosis. In the worse case, it replicates itself and grows as a tumour, and instead of functioning in a symbiotic way, it becomes parasitic, drawing to itself all the nutriment and spreading to the whole body, until this one can no longer sustain itself and ultimately dies prematurely. Likewise, in the Universe when a soul strays away to its role in the 'Service-to-Others', it cannot evolve/ascend. Worse, when it turns into ‘Service-to-Self’ and corrupts its neighbourhood, the Darkness grows like a cancer, and the issue of the whole Universe is compromised. Please note that this is just an analogy to help understand how excess of 'Service-to-Self' in a region of the Universe, like here on Earth, can affect the whole of it.

As conclusion, what I would like to emphasise is that our physical body is the reflection of the Universe at a smaller scale. Both are generated in a same manner, and probably die likewise. But the consciousness, at any level, never disappears; it just enters cycles of life and death, in different kinds of body.

Like a cancer, the spreading of Darkness will surely shorten the lifespan of our current Universe if not cured, or at least contained. Think of how maligned cells are generated, and you will understand how Darkness expands.

Understand me, this is not pleading against Darkness. Without Darkness there is no Light, no movement, no improvement, no life. This is the 'Yin & Yang', which lies in every bits of this Universe. But when the balance is biased, when the Darkness is taking over, the destiny of the whole Universe is at stake, and all of us with it.

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Please note that information contained in this website is freely accessible as I believe my gifts should be shared and not marketed; however this does not mean that my work is worthless. Therefore this material should not be modified nor used in commercial purposes without my consent and proper reference.

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